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The Story of Egg - Animatic - Story Board (WIP)

Posted by ithoughtiwascrazy - March 17th, 2018

Little something I worked on today for a Story Time animation I have in mind~! :D I

know this is kinda messy and maybe some layer are over each other, but it's honestly just a way to kinda get my idea on what I want to happen down. I don't want the final animation to be done in Flash, and wanted to do it in Photoshop. I just need flash to mainly get the lip syncing down and my ideas down quickly,  so when I import to Photoshop I can get that down smoothly. Might upload more, but if I do I think I'm just gonna do that on Patreon. Don't wanna spoil everything now lol. :P I am having some trouble putting in some sounds, one being of a baby where I have my realistic face and a baby body. Like can't edit it or trim where the sounds starts. o-o 

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Hope you enjoy it!!! ☺ *HUGS*


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Comments (1)

You tryin' to get in on some of that odd1out popularity with animated story videos? Get featured in the 2018 Youtube Rewind? Publicly regret that decision in a video at the start of 2019?

I kinda forgot that you are an animator, as well as a LPer and tiny hat fashion model. That'll be neat to watch when it's finished. I want to say that I wish I could animate, but even if I could, I have almost no time to do it. It would require what? 24 pictures each second? I spent my birthday last week drawing a single picture for a NG member who requested something nearly one year ago, and I'm currently working on another for Friday's national holiday. So, there's two unrelated pictures. 22 more and I'll have a second of colored pencil animation finished that won't make any sense when placed together.

Good luck to you, ithou. I'll try to respond sooner next time, but if I don't, you can do that @ thing to get my attention the next time I'm on NG and not simply leaving it on to play zombidle for me.

I just like making videos and animations is all. If it becomes popular, well then that's just extra. XD Though I'd probably die from blush if a lotta people started to come and see it. Or just my videos in general, I'd probably die from blush overdose. >///< My main goal is to just have fun and do what I enjoy. Always. Apparently there's been a lot of problems during those YouTube Rewind shits, and especially with one of the animators I've met in real life. She was asked to be apart of it. Major problems occurred with the whole thing sadly. I was actually in one of her videos, and met her twice. My boyfriend (Vendus on YouTube) he actually introduced me to her! Since were both artist and animators it was super fun to talk to her. o3o But here's the video recap from an event we went to called VidCon >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy2GCkJiR8E

Don't worry, I forgot too lol. XDD Until I started animating again I'm like, "Oh, that's right, I can do this thing. Okay!" XD And yus much fashion and many smol hats ha ha. Maybe i should do a video showing off my hat collection, but i think I need to collect more smol hats before I do that ha ha. Yeah animation requires some time as well as patience too. But with me once I start getting into it, I kinda create my own flow. I actually manage to get some work done. Whatever you make, I'd love to see it! :D And yeah, animating works that way sadly lol. You work so hard on it and it's like one second and I'm like well that's interesting I swear I spent more time on this to produce more then one second. XD Ever hear of ToonBoom? Never use it. Never. Don't even breath in it's direction. It's the devil. :))

Ayyyy~! Ah it's fine man, don't worry about it. I myself find myself busy with other stuff outside of YouTube. So no worries. Everything I post here is like a default thing. I just copy whatever is written in the description from my YouTube video and put it here. I do not use newgrounds a lot, just for posting if I made a video then I leave for a long while because of other irl stuff lol. I will not be doing that @ thing. I'm sorry, but I've had some trouble with that in the past with someone (which I rather not talk about because it's a long and creepy story). ^^; I also don't wanna seem like I am playing favorites either is another issue of mine. I hope this didn't come off as rude or anything. QvQ However you should be getting notifications from me. People I watch on here I get an email about them when they post stuff. So if anything, if you're watching me on here, you should be getting notifications already! :) I should switch it over to my gmail though, because it actually notifies me on my phone. The other one I have I can't even access on my phone lol.

I could make a Discord server, and that's another way you can be notified out of newgrounds. You can download it on your phone, and have it on your computer too! I haven't made one yet, but I have been thinking about it. But this be a tool I can use so anyone who watches me can all be notified in one place. I just haven't done it because I don't feel I need to? I post it on multiple social medias already, and I am still a very smol tuber who needs her doses of ketchup here an there. But you have given me the idea again... I will see what I can do. The chances of it happening soon is slim, because I just don't see a big reason to do it yet. I'd try and add some other chats and text channels as well, so people have a variety of things on there besides for YouTube videos. :D