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So with some help from someone else I know, I was able to put in a new power supply in.

This was all done online (via discord lol), because they're no where near me. < v >

After doing it, we have fixed the issue with the loud fans. However we still haven't fixed the issue with the screen (monitor) showing anything at all. It's still black, and tried to go back and froth between HDMI1 or 2 when I tried to press the button on the back of the screen. Then it shows a box that says "check signal cable" that bounces around on the screen...

It just seems to turn on way before I turn on my computer. Not even reacting to it at all. ^^; So at this point I'm going to need to either drive the computer to this place, or mail my computer to have it fixed to figure out what exactly the issue is. Maybe it's the monitor itself that's the issue, or the cable to it, I really have no idea.

I hope to have this back up soon and working. In the mean time, I have no idea if I can stream or record anything. All I have is my 7 year old MacBook Pro that somehow still works. o-o When it comes to live streams it over heats, and recording it only lets me do maybe 15 min max as I remember. ^^;

My PC I got because I wanted something that could handle and store this stuff better, and a bigger screen is a plus too. XD I'll see what I can do, but all my stuff I have is on my PC is the issue. So I'd have to

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