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2018-02-19 22:53:01 by ithoughtiwascrazy

Zap them with your Zappy Gun! 

Donate to Help those in Need |  http://www.usacares.org/

Dino Island Intro | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beXH4GsNzFI 

Art By | https://pin-eye.deviantart.com/art/CC-Happy-Valentine-s-Day-1-731225918

More Awesome Art | http://pin-eye.deviantart.com/favourites/64022338/ithoughtiwascrazy-Fan-Art

!!! You DO NOT have my permission to use me, or my personas to sell in stores, or use in any way for profit! However fan art is always welcomed !!!



Hope you enjoy it!!! ☺ *HUGS*


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2018-02-24 13:17:29

Never heard or seen or even smelled of this game before. It seems like something I would have loved as a child, or even as a teenager, especially considering how much I enjoyed Simcity on the Super Nintendo.

You have a wide variety of art. The Valentine's Day one has a fantastic variety of red in it. (I love the colour of red... the color of red, too!) Are these personal commissions just to see yourself from a variety of perspectives, gifts from friends (either from the artists themselves or paid for through others), or do you do a lot of art trading with folks on DA?

(Updated ) ithoughtiwascrazy responds:

Yes very smelly game because of all the Dino Poo I gotta clean up in the enclosure. XDD Yup same same.

I enjoy seeing the blood of my vict- I mean yeah! Red is a great color, like ketchup ha ha!! XDDD Most of these are commissions, and if anything I hate doing any type of requests because I see how hard artist work and I wanna pay em for everything they do. I think it's only fair, being an artist myself I need money to put food on the table and other things. ^^; Also that's another reason I do it, because I am interested in seeing how the artist finalizes it. o3o I have done maybe like a trade last year?? But that was of me and another Deviant's OC's we had. But yes I pay these artist to do work. Anything I can do to help and support them. :)

you can find almost all the Commissions I got here btw | https://pin-eye.deviantart.com/favourites/64022338/ithoughtiwascrazy-Fan-Art If you're curious XD