Entry #214

Imaginary Friends | Part 6 | YOU'LL ALWAYS BE ALONE

2017-11-17 21:27:58 by ithoughtiwascrazy

You had someone, and then you left them behind. 
This was your own doing. 

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Hope you enjoy it!!! ☺ *HUGS*


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2017-11-19 21:04:30

Where is she alone at, anyhow? Goes grocery shopping, feeds chocolate to her ass, and ends up... I don't know. In a coma? A dream? That one aisle in the grocery store that practically no one visits, because it's actual bakery products, and no one really has time to genuinely bake anything anymore, or, perhaps, they do, but it's just so much easier to grab something already prepared (especially if it's marked down in price), so why waste precious video game/sleeping time in a kitchen when you're probably going to ruin the food anyhow, because you thought you'd periodically check on it while watching something on your smartphone, but you became involved in it and forgot all about the oven, so it's burning, the house stinks, and you should have just bought the cake they had for $4 on the reduced price rack. What the unloving fuck am I typing about? I forgot and I don't feel like reading it back to myself. Don't feel like reading it at all, actually, whether it's to myself or another... reading. Bah! Get one of those audio things, instead, and listen to that while I'm trying to nap.

You got an ending, and there are probably, like, a dozen or so more games left in the whole world to play, so go tackle one of those, or, at least, download and click the shortcut icon to play it... or find it directly. I guess a shortcut isn't necessary, but it's just so much easier... wait, that sounds familiar. Was I talking about video games in the previous paragraph? Shit, I can't recall anything that doesn't involve embarrassment and/or puppies nowadays. What kind of sad existence is this to have such a lousy memory? Sigh, I want some cake.

ithoughtiwascrazy responds:

*gives cake and pats back* Don't worry, it'll be okay. XD