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Buttrilliant :,D

But seriously this made me laugh so hard! XD It's great!

Didn't even see that coming :D Still awesomesause thou. Overall, I think the animation and quality of it was very good. :) Can't wait to see more from you.

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Nice and cutely styled game. The atmosphere and puzzle's you have to solve are good. I wish there were more puzzle's, maybe more challenging ones The animation's were pretty good as well. When I was moving around the boxes though, I would glitch into them sometimes. Also I was having a lot of trouble scaling that giant wall. :\ I would suggest you put some sort of leverage or something in the middle (so when I fall down, I won't have to start all over again). That was probably the most frustrating part of the game because It took so long to get up there. I wish the game was longer though, or at least see where that little girl went to once she opened the door (maybe more puzzle's to solve). :)

I like it, and had fun playing it. :) I also like how you added a story into it, instead of just having a fat kid falling down the stairs. ;) The only thing is, I would have like it if I was able to save if I loose all my lives instead of having to start all over again. :\ it also feels like the controls don't always respond all the time. Overall, a fun game. Just needs a couple of fixes here and there. :)

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Too many hot chili peppers do that to ya. Even enough to scare a dragon apparently too. XD

Phronemophobia responds:

Unicorns are angry, territorial creatures. No animal is safe once it is spotted. I can't help but pity all those who mistakenly wander into a unicorn's land.

I love how you drew all the characters and how you added details to them! The little Christmasy Duckers on the top of the tree is quacking amazing hue hue! And oh my lord, that viking guy better not eat all that pizza. Mein! You really did an awesome job on this! I'll save this picture so I always have it with me! :) I see Boo on the tree there too, nicceee! :D I really hope you had a ketchupy cool Christmas and I wanna wish you again a happy new year too!

Phronemophobia responds:

Oh my goodness! A famous YT Let's Player actually came to Newgrounds just to compliment me and my vomit stain that I tried to clean up using colored pencils! I am deeply humbled by your kind words, tiny hat, and excessive use of the word "fuck." Thank you for always providing fun, personal responses to all of my nonsensical responses and, more importantly, for your monthly charity donations. The spirit of giving should be a year-round experience, rather than a holiday exclusive.

Wow! THIS is funny! :D Love the concept, art, and the situation that's going on here. XD

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